Sunday, October 31, 2021

Supreme Court to hear case on New York's gun permit law

The Supreme Court is preparing to hear a gun rights case that could lead to more guns on the streets of New York and Los Angeles and threaten restrictions on guns in subways, airports, bars, churches, schools and other places where people gather.

Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID-19

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday she has tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated.


Biden scratches head when asked about possible payments to illegal migrants

President Biden ignored a question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy on Sunday regarding his administration's reported plan to pay $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants who had been separated from their families during the Trump administration.


Maya Millete encouraged to go to safe house before she disappeared, friend says

Maya Millete's friends were so concerned about her safety in the weeks and months leading up to her disappearance in January that they gave her access to a safe house if she ever found herself in danger.

Plan to replace Minneapolis PD worries many Black residents

A ballot proposal that goes to voters Tuesday would replace the city's police department. It has roots in the abolish-the-police movement that erupted after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last year.

Chicago area mass shooting at Halloween party leaves 2 dead, more than a dozen injured, police say

A suburban Chicago Halloween house party turned deadly early Sunday; two people were killed and more than a dozen were injured by gunfire, the sheriff’s office said.

Biden apologizes for being late to G20 press conference: 'We were playing with elevators'

President Biden apologized for being late to his press conference in Rome at the conclusion of a two-day meeting with G20 leaders before heading to a United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.


Cuomo fires back at sheriff, AG James over criminal charges

Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday accused Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple and state Attorney General Letitia James of "incompetence" and "abuse of law" after he was charged last week with a misdemeanor sex crime.


Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok says he'll never step down 'willingly' in the wake of coup

Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, who is under house arrest following a military coup on Monday, says that he will never "willingly" stand down, according to sources close to the prime minister.


Premier League star Wilfried Zaha says he was targeted with racist abuse on social media

Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha says he was targeted with racist abuse on social media, following his side's 2-0 win against Manchester City on Saturday.


Biden holds live press conference to conclude G20 Summit

President Biden on Sunday held a press conference in Rome following a two-day meeting with Group of 20 leaders before heading to a climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland.


Ibram X. Kendi backtracks after tweeting on study some say undermines his white privilege narrative

Author and prominent critical race theory advocate Ibram X. Kendi has deleted a tweet after critics argued it undermined the racial narrative upon which he’s built his career.


Virginia 'tow truck pirate' accused of stealing vehicles on the go - turns out it was totally legal

Ashland residents in Richmond, VA accused a tow trucking company for using their fork lift to steal cars. After police caught wind of the alleged "tow trucking pirate," they determined that the tows were justified.

Rick Scott says ‘ridiculous’ inflation caused by government waste, spending: ‘Americans should be furious'

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., said on "Fox News Sunday" that Americans should be "furious" with the way Democrats are handling their money and that President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will only worsen the country’s "ridiculous" inflation and send it further into debt.


McAuliffe references raising 5 children in Virginia in touting public schools -- 4 went to private

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe praised his state's education system on Sunday, noting that he has raised five children there even though four of them went to private high schools.


US Army Soldier saves cat on deployment, seeks help bringing her home before holidays

A U.S. Army soldier is hoping to overcome hurdles to bring his pet back home with him after deployment.

Buttigieg makes no guarantees about spending package timeline, but insists 'we're the closest we’ve ever been'

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stressed the importance of Congress passing new infrastructure and social spending bills, and expressed optimism that it may finally happen after much delay.


Gov. Murphy positioned as 'canary in a coal mine' for Democrat policies: 'We're doing what they're discussing'

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has claimed that his state shows the effect of Democrat policies in action – the same policies currently debated in Congress for President Biden’s mammoth infrastructure bill. 


McAuliffe calls CRT fight ‘racist dog whistle,’ claims 'never been taught’ in Va. despite past state promotion

Democratic Terry McAuliffe repeated the questionable claim Sunday that critical race theory has "never been taught" in Virginia’s public schools and that the fight to ban it is a "racist dog whistle."


Rep. Waltz slams US companies 'drunk on Chinese money,' says they pose serious threat to America

Republican Florida Rep. Michael Waltz slammed U.S. companies and other organizations that are “drunk on Chinese money," and praised NBA player Enes Kanter for taking a public stand against supporting the country.


Did McAuliffe backtrack on his strategy to tie Youngkin to Trump in the Virginia gubernatorial race?

After repeatedly linking Glenn Youngkin to Donald Trump, former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the Virginia governor's race is 'not about Trump'


Sanders demands lower drug prices, reconciliation framework

Sen. Bernie Sanders insisted that the Senate can set out a framework for a reconciliation bill that would receive approval from all 50 Democrat senators despite holdouts within the party. 


McAuliffe repeats '4 Pinocchio' coronavirus stat; calls Youngkin, who was vaccinated, an 'anti-vaxxer'

Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe repeated a previously debunked number about COVID-19 hospitalizations and slammed his fully vaccinated Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, as an "anti-vaxxer" during an NBC News interview Sunday.


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Antifa member criminally charged two years after conservative journalist Andy Ngo attacked

An Oregon man accused of attacking conservative journalist Andy Ngo and stealing his cell phone during a 2019 confrontation has been indicted, authorities said.

Flooding destroyed his home four times in three years. This is the reality of climate change for India's poor


World Series Game 4: Braves vs Astros


More NYC workers get jabs amid mandate, but 26K still refuse

More than 26,000 of New York City’s municipal workers remained unvaccinated after Friday’s deadline to show proof they’ve gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Biden’s vow to protect Taiwan, walked back by White House, could be sign of internal policy debate experts say

President Biden’s statement last week, later walked back by the White House, that the U.S would protect Taiwan in the case of an attack by Beijing, could be a window into an ongoing policy debate about the Biden administration’s strategy in the region, experts told Fox News.


Virginia Dept. of Education website promotes CRT despite McAuliffe claims it's 'never been taught' there

The phrase “Critical Race Theory” appears on the Virginia Department of Education website despite Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s repeated claims the curriculum is not taught in Virginia.


Vermont State Colleges trustees adopt systemwide 'anti-racism pledge'

The Vermont State Colleges System Board of Trustees voted to adopt an “anti-racism pledge” that states that a regular “system-wide racial equity audit" is needed.

Newsom pulls out of overseas trip to UN climate conference, will participate virtually

California Gov. Gavin Newson suddenly pulled out of his trip on Friday to the annual United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Scotland.

Climate activists boycott climate conference over vaccine inequality, despite warnings of impending doom

As world leaders from 190 nations convene in Glasgow, Scotland for the Climate Change Conference Sunday, leading climate activists are preparing to sit these talks out.


Michigan mom severely burned after saving 4 kids from fire

A Michigan woman is recovering in a hospital after walking through fire to save her children. 

Boy, 7, dies in fire as FDNY faces vaccine mandate 'sickout'

A seven-year-old boy died and his grandmother was seriously injured in an apartment fire in New York City as the FDNY deals with staff shortages in response to a vaccine mandate. 

Pearl Harbor veteran's remains transferred home to Wisconsin 80 years later

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office on Friday helped transfer a Pearl Harbor veteran's remains home to Wisconsin nearly 80 years since the World War II attack that killed more than 2,400 people.

Biden CBP nominee Chris Magnus settled sexual harassment and retaliation case with former protection officer

President Biden’s pick to lead Customs and Border Protection (CBP) once settled a case with a former member of his protective detail who claimed that the then-police chief engaged in sexual harassment and then retaliated against him when it was reported.


Biden slammed by Catholic priests for meeting with Pope Francis, taking communion

President Joe Biden received Communion at St. Patrick’s Church during Saturday Vigil Mass, a day after saying Pope Francis told him he should continue to partake in the sacrament, prompting negative reactions from Catholic priests upset that the president’s position on abortion is not in line with Church doctrine.


Virginia Democrats see potential Republican governor as a threat to public schools

Terry McAuliffe supporters sound off on the threat Glenn Youngkin poses to education in Virginia.


Sen. Tim Scott calls Democrats' reconciliation bill a 'great American shakedown'

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., called Democrats' reconciliation bill a "great American shakedown."


Virginia police warn of possible threats to malls, shopping centers around Halloween

Fairfax, Virginia, Police Chief Kevin Davis on Friday warned of possible threats to local malls and shopping centers during Halloween weekend.

Harris gets COVID booster shot, says vaccines ‘will save your life’

Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday received her COVID-19 booster shot -- after which she encouraged Americans to do the same, saying that the vaccines "will save your life."


Small crowd greets McAuliffe at campaign stop as his GOP opponent Youngkin leads in polls

The Virginia governor’s race is in full swing Saturday with just three days left until Election Day, but the small crowd that greeted Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe could be a premonition of what’s to come.


Arizona bride, mom plead with progressive anti-Sinema protesters to stop 'ruining' wedding

An Arizona bride and her mother pleaded with protesters outside of a wedding that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema officiated last weekend to stop disrupting the event


Austin, Texas, defunded its police department. Now voters will decide if city needs more officers

Amid rising violent crime, voters in Austin will head to the polls Tuesday to decide if the city should mandate minimum staffing standards for police


Migrant caravan rejects visa offers from Mexican officials, keeps going toward US

A massive caravan of thousands of migrants has rejected an offer of humanitarian visas for some of the travelers, and is continuing with its journey to the United States border.


Youngkin supporters say family, education top priority in race for Virginia governor

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – In a tight race for gubernatorial victory, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has pulled ahead in recent polls and Virginia voters claim his stance on family and education are a leading factor.  


Friday, October 29, 2021

LA sheriff calls vax mandate 'imminent threat to public safety'

LA County Sheriff calls vax mandate threat to public safety

Oklahoma authorities conduct manhunt for suspect who shot deputy 7 times

An Oklahoma deputy has undergone surgery after being shot seven times during a standoff with a suspect Friday morning. 

Loudoun superintendent compared parent protests to Jan. 6, people drinking at beach

Loudoun School Superintendent Scott Ziegler likened a parent protest to the events on Jan. 6 and to his experience seeing people drinking at the beach — once again underscoring the tension between administrators, law enforcement and parents in the lead up to Virginia's hotly contested gubernatorial election.

Biden admin moves to end Trump-era 'Remain-in-Mexico,' admits it 'likely' helped reduce illegal migration

The Biden administration on Friday moved again to end the Trump-era "Remain-in-Mexico" policy, even as it is re-implementing it in response to a court order – and admitted that it "likely" contributed to reduced illegal migration at the southern border.


US is deeply skeptical as Iran says it will return to nuclear talks

US officials are highly skeptical that renewed talks over the Iran nuclear deal will yield the desired results and are actively discussing imposing penalties on Tehran as President Joe Biden prepares to meet with key allies on the margins of the G20 to chart a path forward.


Vaccination protects against Covid-19 more strongly than previous infection does, CDC study finds

Vaccination protects people against coronavirus infection much better than previous infection does, a team of researchers led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.


Southern California waters open for surfers, not fishermen, following oil spill

California has prohibited fishing in an area that ranges about 6 to 12 miles off the shores of Orange County since an undersea pipeline leaked at least about 25,000 gallons of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean.

NYC vaccine mandate: Cops, firefighters and other workers now just hours away from deadline

Shuttered firehouses, delayed trash pickups and fewer police officers and ambulances on the streets could soon become a reality in New York City as there are now only hours left for municipal workers there to comply to a coronavirus vaccine mandate.

NY AG Letitia James, who oversaw Cuomo sex-harassment investigation, announces bid for governor

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who oversaw the investigation into sexual harassment allegations against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo among other cases, announced Friday that she's running for governor.


McAuliffe events see small crowds days before Virginia election

Fox News attended a Thursday campaign event at the Virginia Democratic Party regional headquarters in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where McAuliffe spoke to supporters in the college town.


Utah construction worker rescued after being fully buried at site, fire officials say

A Utah construction worker was rescued after being "completely buried" in an apparent accident on Monday evening, authorities sai...