Thursday, June 30, 2022

The truth about common LGBTQ misconceptions

The US is at a critical moment for LGBTQ rights: More Americans than ever are identifying as LGBTQ, but more than half of states have introduced -- and in some cases, passed -- legislation that aims to limit LGBTQ residents' rights.


Kaitlin Armstrong manhunt: Texas love triangle murder suspect captured on Costa Rica beach, Marshals announce

Law enforcement caught Kaitlin Armstrong on a Costa Rica beach after she fled Texas following the death of romantic rival and gravel cycling pro Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson.

Chicago judge confused by low-level gun charge for woman who fatally shot her brother: 'Which proffer?'

A Chicago judge was confused by low-level gun charges against a woman who fatally shot her brother, interrupting prosecutors to be sure they were reading the right case.

Health officials: Michigan has 1st probable monkeypox case

Michigan health officials have identified the state's first probable case of monkeypox in suburban Detroit. The CDC is now working to confirm the case.

California fire injures 5 firefighters, threatens hundreds of structures

California's Rices fire is threatening hundreds of structures and five firefighters have been injured fighting the wildfire. Its cause is under investigation.

Gabby Petito family lawsuit going to trial after Florida judge denies Laundries' motion to dismiss

A Florida judge has denied the Laundrie family's motion to dismiss the Petito family's lawsuit alleging the Laundries were aware Brian Laundrie killed Gabby Petito.

Stefanik bill prevents foreign adversaries from targeting US agriculture industry amid global food shortage

House Republicans are introducing legislation to ensure foreign powers cannot take over the U.S. agriculture industry amid supply chain issues nationwide.


AOC hands down endorsements for senate candidates in battleground elections

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed three Senate candidates -- Tim Ryan, John Fetterman, and Mandela Barnes -- who are engaged in battleground races.


Virginia coffee shop owner speaks out after business targeted for pro-life views

Ajay Brewer expressed his views on the overturn of Roe v. Wade only to have him and his business targeted online for his pro-life stance on the Supreme Court's decision.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A warning about the rage and tyranny that may await if Trump gets back into the White House


Breyer makes it official: He's leaving the Supreme Court on Thursday at noon

Justice Stephen Breyer has notified the White House that his retirement will be effective Thursday, June 30, at noon ET.


NY prison fight leads to death of inmate

A prisoner in an upstate New York correctional facility was killed in a prison fight. The altercation at the maximum-security Green Haven Correctional Facility left one inmate dead.

Oklahoma AG race results: Drummond knocks off O'Connor

Tulsa Republican attorney Gentner Drummond has knocked off AG John O'Connor in the Republican primary race for Oklahoma attorney general.

KY officials break ground on new Louisville hospital

KY officials have broken ground on a new Louisville hospital. This will be the first hospital in the predominantly African American area west of Ninth Street since 1930.

Cornell University removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust from library after alleged complaint

The Kroch Library at Cornell University removed a bust of former President Abraham Lincoln and a bronzed Gettysburg Address plaque that were on display since 2013.

Kamala Harris breaks silence on 51 Texas migrant deaths, says Abbott 'went straight to politics'

Vice President Kamala Harris chides Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's response to the deadly human smuggling incident and said he went 'straight to politics.'


Republican Governors Association unveils new video series ‘Red State Recovery’

The Republican Governors Association is launching a new video series that argues that states led by GOP governors have fared better than their Democratic counterparts


Supreme Court to issue final two major decisions Thursday on 'Remain in Mexico,' environmental regulation

The Supreme Court is waiting until the last second to issue two major decisions on the EPA's authority and the 'Remain in Mexico' policy.


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

F1 teams rally around Hamilton after Piquet uses racist slur

Formula One, Mercedes and the FIA have condemned former F1 driver Nelson Piquet for using a racial slur against British driver Lewis Hamilton.


A month after getting shot in the face, the grandmother of the Uvalde school shooter is released from a hospital

A grandmother who was shot by her grandson before he killed 21 people at a Texas elementary school has been released from a hospital.


Uvalde shooter's grandmother discharged from hospital after more than a month

The grandmother of Robb Elementary School shooter Salvador Ramos, who was hit by gunfire prior to the massacre, has been discharged from a hospital in San Antonio.

US defends sending aircraft through Taiwan Strait as China grows increasingly aggressive

The U.S. military pushed back on Chinese claims to own the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday, sending U.S. Navy aircraft to fly over the region and prompt a Chinese response.

Florida Dept of Health slams Rachel Levine for 'character assassination' over trans youth comments

The Florida Department of Health took issue with U.S. official Rachel Levine for saying "Opponents of LGBTQ equality have targeted trans and queer youth to score political points."

Virginia Catholic Church targeted with fire, graffiti after SCOTUS overturns Roe

The St. John Neumann Catholic Community Church in Reston, Virginia has been targeted with fire and graffiti following the Supreme Court’s decision last week to overturn Roe v. Wade.

KSU names new interim president

KSU has selected an interim campus president for next school year. Ronald A. Johnson will fill the role while the search continues for the long-term president.

Virginia police investigate mysterious at-home, overnight murder of DC non-profit founder

The founder of a Washington, D.C., non-profit was found shot to death in his Fairfax, Virginia, family home and now police are investigating the incident as a homicide.

Republican senators introduce pro-life resolution celebrating Supreme Court abortion case: 'Historic victory'

A group of GOP senators are introducing a resolution celebrating the work of the pro-life movement over the last 50 years, culminating in the reversal of abortion case Roe v. Wade.


Monday, June 27, 2022

Chinese censors scrub internet after senior party official gives speech on timeline of zero-Covid in Beijing

Chinese censors scrambled to delete what appears to be a misleading quote by a senior Communist Party official published in state media Monday, which claimed the "zero-Covid" policy would remain in place in Beijing "for the next five years," in an effort to tame an online backlash.


New double crater seen on the moon after mystery rocket impact

The moon has a new double crater after a rocket body collided with its surface on March 4.


Ray-Ban's billionaire owner Leonardo Del Vecchio dies

Leonardo Del Vecchio, the chairman of spectacles maker EssilorLuxottica and one of Italy's wealthiest business figures, has died aged 87, his company said on Monday.


Instagram is testing AI that verifies your age with a selfie scan. It's not perfect

Instagram is testing new ways to verify its youngest users' ages, including by using artificial intelligence that analyzes a photo and estimates how old the user is.


Historic West Virginia Catholic Church burned to ground by arsonist, police say

Police say an arsonist is responsible for burning down a historic Catholic church in West Virginia. Firefighters arrived to the scene only to discover ruins.

Kentucky farmers to receive relief after tornado threatens supply chain

Tornados ravaged western Kentucky, killing 81 people and damaging property across the region in December. Now grain farmers will receive funds to continue operating.

Atlanta Subway customer shoots workers, killing one, during argument over ‘too much mayo,’ report says

A customer at a Subway restaurant in downtown Atlanta shot two employees, one fatally, during an argument over mayonnaise on Monday, according to local reports.

With new owners, Florida Project motel dwellers must leave

Residents at the Magic Castle Inn & Suites in Florida, used for the 2017 film "The Florida Project," were told to vacate after the complex was sold to a new owner.

Tennessee vacant judicial seat is accepting applications

Licensed officials in Tennessee are invited by the Trial Court Vacancy Commission to apply for a vacant criminal court judge seat in Knox County.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Liz Warren says SCOTUS ‘set a torch’ to its last bit of legitimacy after overturning Roe V. Wade

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren says the U.S. Supreme Court "set a torch" to its last bit of legitimacy after voting to overturn Roe V. Wade last week in a landmark decision.


Stacey Abrams refuses to say whether she supports restrictions on abortions up to 9 months

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams dodged a question on whether she supports restrictions on abortions, saying the abortion issue is a "medical decision" and shouldn't be political.


All the recession warning signs this week

It's the question everyone is asking: Are we about to enter a recession?


Georgia woman charged with murder after 4 children die in house fire

A woman was arrested and charged with murder after 4 children died in a house fire under her watch Friday night. Four other children were also found in the home.

Baby formula shipment arrives from overseas in Houston, enough for 1.5M bottles

A cargo plane carrying more than 150,000 pounds of baby formula from overseas landed at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston early Sunday, according to a local report.

LAPD officer killed in mob 'training' with other cops, mother says

The mother of slain LAPD officer Houston Tipping filed a wrongful death complaint against the city, saying her son was killed in a reckless training exercise.

Lindsey Graham praises Trump after SCOTUS overturns Roe: ‘deserves the lion’s share of credit’

Sen. Lindsey Graham praised former President Donald Trump following the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade, saying Trump "deserves the lion's share of credit here."


Democratic, Republican strategists weigh implication of Supreme Court abortion ruling on midterm elections

Political experts sound off on the Supreme Court's ruling to vertuinr Roe v. Wade and the implications it will have on the midterm elections.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Scrapping Roe v. Wade makes the US an outlier in the West. Here's how it compares on abortion rights


Ohio father attacks suspect accused of killing child in courtroom: video

An Ohio father was seen attacking the man accused of killing his girlfriend and 3-year-old son. Surveillance video showed law enforcement subduing the man.

Immigration judge hired during Trump era accuses Biden admin of ousting conservative appointees

Matthew O’Brien, an immigration judge appointed by the Trump administration, says he and a number of other Trump-era judges have been let go by the Biden administration.


Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell remembers brother, 18, fatally shot in Chicago: 'All I justice'

Fox News analyst and Gianno Caldwell's 18-year-old brother, Christian, was fatally shot on Saturday in Chicago. Police are looking for at least one shooting suspect.

Biden criticizes Supreme Court for 'terrible decisions'

President Biden criticized the Supreme Court for its 'terrible decisions' this week after it announced two historical rulings on abortion and gun rights.


Yellowstone floods: Funding increased for disaster

The Federal Highway Administration announced it would increase emergency funding to $65 million following devastating floods that damaged its infrastructure.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Democrats react swiftly to SCOTUS Roe v. Wade ruling, but will abortion upend the midterm elections?

Following the Supreme Court’s blockbuster opinion that overturned the nearly half century old landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, Democrats instantly reacted


10 key quotes from Justice Alito's opinion overturning Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito penned the majority opinion overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade. Here are 10 of the main quotes from Alito’s historic opinion.


Republicans rejoice, Democrats rage after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Lawmakers reacted to the Supreme Court abortion opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade and returned the subject of abortion to state legislatures for voters to decide.


Denise Richards is following her teenage daughter onto OnlyFans

Denise Richards has made her debut on OnlyFans, just days after her teenage daughter joined the platform famous for its NSFW content.


AZ lawmakers look to vote on final bills before adjournment

Arizona lawmakers were moving Thursday to vote on the last bills of the session before adjourning for the year.

Trump praises Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, says ruling 'will work out for everybody'

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump praised the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade Friday, telling Fox News that the ruling “will work out for everybody.”


What does overturning Roe v. Wade mean? Supreme Court decision's implications

The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will unleash a series of state-level legislative battles and fuel heated public debate.


Obama blasts Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade: attacking the essential freedoms of millions

Former President Barack Obama said the Supreme Court's decision Friday overturning Roe v. Wade was an attack on the "essential freedoms of millions of Americans."


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Chicago man with jiu-jitsu black belt pins alleged thief who punched 7-Eleven worker: report

Idriz Redzovic, a 3rd-degree Gracie jiu-jitsu black belt, took down an alleged thief who attacked a 7-Eleven clerk on Chicago's North Side last week, a local report said.

New York gun case: Breyer says conservative Supreme Court majority 'severely burdens' state firearm rules

Justice Stephen Breyer said in a Supreme Court dissenting opinion Thursday that a ruling by the conservative majority will harm states' ability to fight gun violence.


Supreme Court gun decision shoots down NY rule that set high bar for concealed carry licenses

The Supreme Court issued its decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, ruling on New York's regulations for concealed carry permits.


Anthony Weiner attempts Twitter comeback, admits social media 'not a comfortable place for me'

Twitter users overwhelmingly voted that disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner shouldn't continue using Twitter, the platform where he posted a lewd image of himself in 2010.


California hospital offers puberty blockers, sex hormones to children as young as age 3: 'Fully reversible'

The University of California San Francisco is running child and adolescent "gender centers" offering "fully reversible" puberty blocking treatments to patients as young as age 3.

Michigan pregnancy center vandalized, nearby business also damaged

A crisis pregnancy center in Michigan was targeted for vandalism this week, suffering broken windows and threatening graffiti written in red spray paint.

Pence endorses Zeldin in New York GOP gubernatorial race; Trump still neutral ahead of Tuesday’s primary

Former Vice President Mike Pence formally endorses Rep. Lee Zeldin in the race for the New York State gubernatorial nomination, with less than a week to go until primary day


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Kentucky police arrest man suspected of attacking Louisville mayor

Police in Louisville, Kentucky, arrested Antwon Brown this week in connection to an attack on the city's mayor, Greg Fischer. Video shows a man punching the mayor.

Utah residents threatened by toxic dust from Great Salt Lake

Windy conditions in Utah are worrying residents threatened by toxic dust from the state's Great Salt Lake. The lake has been shrinking amidst severe drought.

Scalise to whip House Republicans against Senate gun bill

With the Senate expected to pass the bipartisan Senate gun bill, House GOP Whip Steve Scalise is set to encourage his members to vote against it.


First test of Johnson's popularity since narrow vote in Parliament

CNN's Bianca Nobilo looks at two local elections in small English cities that could be a sign of things to come for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Houston asks Texans to conserve water amid drought

The city of Houston, Texas, is asking residents to help conserve water amid drought and sweltering heat. It said efforts would help to reduce water use by 5%.

DeSantis has not asked for Trump's endorsement: report

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has not asked for President Donald Trump's endorsement, leading to some speculation that he is making a 2024 power play.


Iran again threatens to assassinate Pompeo: 'Live in fear'

Twitter accounts tied to the Iranian government and the daughter of former Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani threatened Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Aunt of American captured in Ukraine describes his condition in released video

CNN's Jim Sciutto talks to Dianna Shaw, aunt of captured American who was volunteering with Ukrainian forces Alexander John-Robert Drueke, about her nephew's condition and what their family is doing to try and get him and other captured Americans back home.


Top US 'Nazi hunter' to lead effort to uncover war crimes in Ukraine

The top US "Nazi hunter" will lead a Justice Department team to identify and prosecute anyone who has committed war crimes in Ukraine, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Tuesday during an unannounced visit to that country.


10-year-old victim's dad says he feels anger over new images

New images are raising questions about whether police had the firepower to confront the Uvalde, Texas, school shooter long before they actually did. John Berman speaks with Jose Flores Sr. -- his 10-year-old son, Jose Flores Jr., was among the 19 students and two teachers killed in the Robb Elementary School mass shooting.


Americans threatened by extreme heat, record temperatures

Dangerously hot conditions are threatening residents in cities across the U.S., including America's homeless population. The heat is expected to break records.

Florida teens break in to $8M home for wild party, post about it on social media

Florida authorities released several videos of a rowdy house party thrown by teens and young adults who burglarized an $8 million home near Seaside, demanding the culprits come forward.

Missing Harmony Montgomery: Timeline of New Hampshire girl's disappearance

Here’s a timeline of events in the disappearance of New Hampshire 8-year-old Harmony Montgomery.

Abortion provision latest hangup in Senate gun bill negotiations

Senators working on a gun safety bill, which also includes provisions on mental health and telehealth, encountered a new hangup this week on abortion and the Hyde Amendment.


Liberal dark money group forms to push back against anti-CRT efforts in schools across the country

Campaign for Our Shared Future, a supposedly "grassroots" and "non-partisan" organization, was quietly launched to fight back against anti-critical race theory efforts across the US.


Trump not on ballot but Tuesday’s Alabama and Georgia runoff elections test of his clout

Former President Donald Trump’s sway over the GOP's on the line in a Republican Senate primary runoff election in Alabama and two GOP congressional runoffs in neighboring Georgia


Monday, June 20, 2022

Evangelical political activists push Hispanic, Black voter outreach as ‘game-changer’ in the midterms and 2024

Evangelical political activists are pushing hard to win over Hispanic and Black voters to the Republican party as Democrats face historic headwinds in the midterm elections


Macron tried to make the center France's biggest political force. Here's why it backfired

There's no escaping the fact that losing his parliamentary majority in legislative elections this weekend is a major blow to French President Emmanuel Macron.


An ancient city emerges after an extreme drought

A sprawling 3,400-year-old city emerged in Iraq after a reservoir's water level swiftly dropped due to extreme drought.


Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning screenwriter and director, detained on sexual assault charges

Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis has been detained in Italy over allegations of sexual assault and aggravated personal injury, according to a statement from local prosecutors and his legal team.


Daughter of Putin critic Alexey Navalny describes father's imprisonment in Russia

Dasha Navalnaya, the daughter of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, speaks with CNN's Jim Sciutto about the conditions her father faces after he was transferred to a maximum-security prison.


Video shows scene in India and Bangladesh as historic flooding underway

Authorities say millions of people in Bangladesh and northeastern India have been affected by some of the worst flooding in the region in nearly two decades. CNN's Vedika Sud reports.


KY motorists can expect lane closures; ferry opens

Kentucky residents can expect lane closures on interstate 75 and other state highways this week. The Dorena-Hickman Ferry has resumed operations.

2 ex-Mizzou fraternity brothers charged with felonies after hazing incident left pledge blind, paralyzed

Two men have been charged with felonies after University of Missouri-Columbia freshman Daniel Santulli was left blind and unable to speak or walk after an October 2021 hazing incident.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Wisconsin mom says school district threatening legal action to 'bully' her criticism to silence

A Wisconsin mom said that the Oconomowoc School District is trying to bully her into silence by threatening legal action for her critical statements.

Texas gun owner shoots teen during alleged attempted robbery

A gun owner in Texas defended himself and a female companion after a group of young men with long criminal histories attempted to rob the couple at gunpoint, police say.

Pro-choice protesters descend on Coney Barrett's home with blood and doll props

Members of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights protested outside of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett's home in Virginia demanding "abortion on demand and without apology."

Republicans mulling run for president not waiting on Trump

Prominent Republicans looking to launch their own political campaigns are not waiting for Donald Trump to announce his own candidacy ahead of the 2024 election.


Germany to fire up coal stations as Russia squeezes gas supply

Germany must reduce natural gas consumption and increase the burning of coal in order to help fill gas storage facilities for next winter, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck announced Sunday as the country moves away from reduced Russian gas supplies.


Rainbow-colored toys and clothing are seized in Saudi Arabia for indirectly 'promoting homosexuality'

Saudi Arabian government officials have cracked down on rainbow-colored toys and clothing from shops in the country's capital, Riyadh, on Tuesday, saying the items promote homosexuality, according to Saudi state-run TV channel al-Ekhbariya.


Number of Americans who think the US has poor moral values hits record high: Poll

A Gallup poll found that half of Americans rate the US as having poor moral values, while only one percent said that the country's moral values are excellent.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Katie Britt, Mo Brooks tout America first agenda ahead of GOP primary runoff election in Alabama

Katie Britt and Mo Brooks are slated to face off in Alabama on Tuesday in a contentious race for the Senate to replace retiring Sen. Richard Shelby.


Ethan Liming 911 call prompts more questions about 17-year-old's beating death

A 911 call made during the fatal beating death of 17-year-old Ethan Liming at a school parking lot in Akron, Ohio, prompts more questions about the boy's death.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw discusses state of violent crime: 'A general feeling of fear'

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw sat down with Fox News Digital to discuss the current state of violent crime, which is rising despite declining homicides.

CBP chief says report on Border Patrol agents accused of 'whipping' migrants to come out in coming weeks

The head of CBP says a report on the probe into the conduct of Border Patrol agents accused of whipping Haitian migrants will come out in the next several weeks.


Biden is 'fine' after falling off his bike in Delaware, White House says

President Joe Biden is "fine," after falling off his bike Saturday during a ride in a state park near his home in Rehoboth, Delaware, a White House official said.


Bitcoin drops below $20,000 as crypto meltdown continues

The price of bitcoin breached $19,000 and ethereum fell below $1,000 Saturday morning, extending the brutal crypto bear market to new lows.


New analysis sheds light on mysterious source of Black Death

As we know from our experience with Covid-19, tracking down the source of a pandemic is incredibly difficult.


Friday, June 17, 2022

Funeral mass held for victims of church gun massacre in Nigeria

A funeral mass was held on Friday for the victims of the gun attack in early June at a church in Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria, a relative of two of the victims told CNN.


Former Texas police officer being charged in fatal shooting case

A Texas police officer is being indicted on a murder count from the fatal shooting of a suspect. Ex-officer Phillips was fired two days after the shooting for violating policy.

GOP candidate said Black Americans are 'held hungry and dumb' and 'conditioned' to vote for Democrats

New York Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino told a radio host in late 2016 that Black Americans were kept "dumb and hungry" so they could be conditioned to only vote for the Democratic Party, saying, "You can't teach them differently."


Airline changes livery as passengers link it to Russian invasion symbol

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine approaches the four-month mark, one airline has announced plans to change its livery amid concern from passengers that its current look could suggest that it supports the invasion.


Accused Alabama church shooter faces capital murder charges, was occasional attendee who 'acted alone'

The gunman accused of fatally shooting two people and wounding a third during an Alabama church event on Thursday faces capital murder charges related to the attack.

Border Patrol arrests of migrants on terror watch list at southern border spike under Biden

Border Patrol arrests of migrants on the terror watch list at the southern border in FY 22 so far are larger than the last five fiscal years combined.


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Dangerous heat in Kansas kills cattle; conditions expected to persist

A heat wave is impacting cities across the country, killing at least 2,000 cattle in Kansas, according to officials. Dangerous conditions were expected to continue.

Vulnerable Democrats Horsford, Gottheimer explain votes against bipartisan Supreme Court security bill

Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev., and Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., attempted to justify their votes against a bill that would provide more security for Supreme Court Justices.


Video: Ancient burial site unearthed along planned British railway route

Archaeologists say they have discovered one of the largest Anglo-Saxon burial grounds ever uncovered in Britain during excavations ahead of a high speed rail project.


Death Valley National Park visitor found dead after walking for gas, say park officials

A Death Valley National Park tourist was found dead Tuesday after his car ran out of gas, the National Park Service (NPS) reports.


Video shows 'scared' California Sam's Club shoppers evacuate over reports of possible gunman

Police in Fullerton, California evacuated a Sam’s Club following reports of a possible gunman, but deemed the location safe, making an arrest 'for unrelated warrants'

2022 election tops major social conservative conference’s agenda, but 2024 not far from spotlight

Former President Donald Trump is speaking at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual “Road to the Majority” conference as the 2022 midterms are expected to be the main agenda item.


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Congressional Joint Economic Committee reveals abortion's impact on the economy

Fox News Digital exclusively obtained the new JEC report that details the $6.9 trillion economic hit from abortion on demand.


Satellite spots world's 'largest' methane leak in a Russian coal mine

A coal mine in a remote part of Russia is spewing out huge amounts of a very potent greenhouse gas in what has been described as the "biggest" leak of methane ever detected from a single facility.


Origins of world's biggest pandemic identified in new study

Tombstones in what's now Kyrgyzstan have revealed tantalizing details about the origins of the Black Death, the world's most devastating plague outbreak that is estimated to have killed half of Europe's population in the space of seven years during the Middle Ages.


Tuesday was a dire political omen for Liz Cheney

For Liz Cheney, Tuesday was a bad day for her political future.


Why the world's largest tea importer is urging its citizens to consume less of the drink


Anti-Semitic church carving can stay, Germany's top appeal court rules

Germany's highest appeal court has ruled that a medieval sculpture can remain on the outside of a church in Wittenberg, eastern Germany, despite acknowledging that it is anti-Semitic.


China may be spying on you through your coffee maker, expert says

China is capable of using Chinese-manufactured smart coffee makers to gather data on Americans who purchase the internet-connected devices, according to a report.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Devon Tower climber in Oklahoma City known as 'Pro Life Spiderman' now in custody, police say

Oklahoma City police said the man who scaled Devon Tower is in custody, and social media posts indicate the climber, known as “Pro Life Spiderman” was protesting against abortion.

Senate Republicans demand answers from Mayorkas on scope of disinformation board, 'misleading' testimony

Sen. Rob Portman is leading colleagues in requesting a hearing with Mayorkas regarding his "misleading testimony" before the committee on May 4 on the department's Disinformation Governance Board.


Watch moment house collapses into flood water

The Yellowstone River swelled to a record high due to recent heavy rainfall and runoff from melting snow.


After Joint Base San Antonio sends 'active shooter alert,' police say no threat to public

San Antonio police responded to reported gunshots near Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland Air Force Base in Texas on Tuesday morning, authorities said.

Philadelphia police underreported crime data to FBI for city's bloodiest year on record

A new report details the Philadelphia Police Department did not provide the FBI with a full crime report in 2021, the year the city recorded the most homicides in its history.

Trump not on the ballot, but playing key role in high profile Nevada, South Carolina primaries

Former President Trump's political clout is on the line Tuesday in key Republican congressional primaries in South Carolina and a Senate primary in Nevada


Monday, June 13, 2022

Supreme Court extends wait for decision in case that could overturn Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court Monday did not issue a final ruling in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, prolonging the wait for its decision which is expected to overturn Roe v. Wade.


First UK flight sending asylum-seekers to Rwanda to go ahead after appeal fails

The United Kingdom's controversial plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda as early as Tuesday is set to go ahead after the Court of Appeal in London confirmed an earlier decision to deny an injunction to block the first flight.


Missouri dog sets home on fire after turning on stove, video reveals

A dog in Parkville, Missouri, set a home on fire after activating a stove's touch controls, which eventually caused a greasy pan to burst into flames, officials say.

Washington firefighters rescue father, 2 daughters from river after boat capsizes

Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue saved a father and his two daughters after their motorboat capsized in the Lewis River in Ridgefield, Washington, over the weekend.

Zoo staff forced to intervene after dog enters gorilla enclosure

A gorilla at a California zoo chased around a dog that entered its enclosure on Monday before zoo staff intervened and rescued the dog, which they said was a male shepherd.

Chicago weekend shootings leave 6 dead, 31 total wounded; One victim fatally stabbed, police say

Chicago police said 31 people were wounded in 23 shootings over the weekend, when six people were fatally struck and one person died from injuries related to a stabbing.

Florida woman unintentionally fires gun, kills boy: police

A Florida woman unintentionally fired her gun killing a boy. The boy's age and relationship to the shooter was not revealed. The gun was discharged due to "negligence and mishandling."

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sen. Coons downplays Schumer warning that justices would ‘pay the price’ over abortion rights

On "Fox News Sunday," Sen. Chris Coons downplayed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's warning that justices would 'pay the price' for voting against abortion rights.


A New Jersey mother and her son with severe autism were stranded in Aruba for 2 weeks after the teenager had an episode on a home-bound plane

A New Jersey mother and her son with severe autism, who were vacationing with their family in Aruba, were stuck in the country for two weeks after the boy had a meltdown before takeoff on their return trip, the family says.


Adams booed at NYC pride parade, LGBTQ groups boycott mayor’s reception over recent appointees

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, was booed at a Brooklyn pride parade over recent appointments of two pastors who apologized for past remarks on same-sex marriage.

GOP Gov. Hutchinson says Trump responsible for Jan. 6 ‘politically, morally’ but not criminally

Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the Jan. 6 select committee "has a long way to go" if it wants to prove former President Trump is criminally responsible.


NYC man wanted in unprovoked subway slashings, police say

Donny Ubiera, 32, was being sought in New York City after slashing two people in the subway in Queens on Friday and Saturday morning, authorities said.

Trump, other potential GOP presidential contenders speaking at early 2024 cattle call

Donald Trump and other potential 2024 Republican presidential contenders speak at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's annual conference, later this week in Nashville, Tennessee.


Saturday, June 11, 2022

March for Our Lives rallies push for gun control after mass shootings

The second March for our Lives rally is happening in Washington, D.C., and in other states on Saturday following a surge of mass shootings across the country.

Biden says he owns 2 shotguns, dismisses idea of arming teachers

President Biden told Democratic donors at a fundraising event that he owns two shotguns, but the Second Amendment is not absolute.


Trump endorses Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt after flipping on Mo Brooks

Republican Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump Friday.


Seven killed in helicopter crash in Italy's Monte Cusna

The bodies of seven people were found on Saturday, two days after a helicopter crashed in northern Italy.


Yellowstone peak renamed: Old name 'offensive,' park service says

The National Park Service said last week that Mount Doane would be renamed First Peoples Mountain after recommendations from the Rocky Mountain Tribal Council.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Texas' 'Baby Holly's' grandmother recalls learning her granddaughter was alive after 40+ years

The grandmother of Texas' recently found "Baby Holly" said she never stopped searching for answers as to the whereabouts of Dean and Tina Clouse and their daughter.

Trump calls Jan. 6 hearing ‘totally partisan,’ says Ivanka had ‘checked out’

Former President Trump slammed the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 and its primetime hearing Thursday night as “totally partisan,” while taking a swipe to undercut his daughter, Ivanka Trump’s testimony.


Biden set to announce migration pact with Western Hemisphere leaders; Harris not present

President Biden on Friday, along with Western Hemisphere leaders, will announce a new migration pact that will promote “safe and orderly migration" in the region.


'Ruth Sent Us' group hinted at targeting Supreme Court Justice Barrett's children, church

Pro-choice group Ruth Sent Us tweeted out a message encouraging demonstrations against Amy Coney Barrett not long after the attempted murder of Brett Kavanaugh.


Every day, 17 people die waiting for a donor organ. 3D printers could change that

What if doctors could just print a kidney, using cells from the patient, instead of having to find a donor match and hope the patient's body doesn't reject the transplanted kidney?


As gas prices soar, Americans consider if businesses should allow employees to work virtually to save money

New Jersey gas station patrons consider whether businesses should institute "virtual Fridays" to save commuters pain at the pump from soaring gas prices

Mom dead in Massachusetts river after trying to save kids, search for son continues

Massachusetts State Police say a search is happening for a child that disappeared in the Merrimack River, following reports his mother drowned trying to save him.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Hawaii tour helicopter crashes in lava field with 6 onboard

Six people onboard a tour helicopter flying over Hawaii's Big Island were safely evacuated after the aircraft crashed in a lava field on Wednesday, officials said.

Los Angeles mayor race: Caruso brushes off Trump comparisons from Rep. Bass, touts law-and-order policies

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso discounts comparisons to Donald Trump and argues that ‘personal attacks’ against him are ineffective


House passes 'red flag law' allowing judges to seize firearms of those deemed dangerous

The House passed a "red flag law" allowing U.S. judges to confiscate firearms from individuals deemed to be an imminent threat to themselves or others on Thursday.


Trump's Air Force One plan has a paint problem (among many other issues)

The two new Air Force One jets currently being built by Boeing are facing costly delays. Now there is a new potential problem to contend with: the paint job that former President Donald Trump ordered.


Abbott Nutrition informed about problems with baby formula plant months before previously known: Reports

A whistleblower alerted Abbott Nutrition about problems at its Michigan baby formula plant months earlier than was previously publicly known, according to reports.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Texas installs miles of concertina wire along border near Rio Grande

The Texas National Guard has rolled out concertina wire to fortify existing borders on the Rio Grande.

Ousting Chesa Boudin, San Francisco's progressive DA, is 'bittersweet,' recall activist says

Recall activists says removing San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office is going to change the way Americans vet progressive DA candidates.


CEO who fired 900 people over Zoom is accused of misleading investors

Vishal Garg, the CEO who fired 900 employees over Zoom just before Christmas, has been sued by a former executive for allegedly misleading investors.


Detroit homeowner shoots, kills armed suspect he says pulled out gun: 'I had to defend myself'

A Detroit homeowner says that "it was me or him" after he shot and killed an unknown man who broke a window and pulled out a gun outside his home early Tuesday morning.

Former PA congressman pleads guilty to ballot-stuffing for Democrats in federal elections

Former Rep. Michael "Ozzie" Myers pleaded guilty to orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff ballot boxes for Democratic candidates spanning multiple elections in Pennsylvania.


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Education Secretary Cardona says those pushing for arming teachers show 'lack of respect' for profession

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona told a Senate committee Tuesday, two weeks after the Texas school shooting, that arming teachers is a bad idea.


See which first lady Jill Biden honored on her own postage stamp

First Lady Jill Biden unveiled a new US postage stamp dedicated to the former first lady Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan is now the 6th first lady to appear on a US postage stamp.


US cases of monkeypox reach 31

The Centers for for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are now 31 monkeypox cases nationwide. The outbreak has infected people in 13 states.

FLASHBACK: WH chief blasted Trump over $3 gas prices in 2018 as nation now faces record highs

Ron Klain's old tweets attacking former President Trump over gas prices have not aged well as the nation endures record-high gas prices.


Stefanik introduces gun safety legislation offering Americans incentives, countering Dems' proposed mandates

Stefanik introduced the "Firearm Proficiency and Training Act" Tuesday, which was designed to counter the Democrats' proposed gun control mandates this week.


As migrant caravan marches toward US border, Harris unveils Central American youth program

Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday announced a Central American youth program to get young El Salvadorans, Guatemalans and Hondurans paid community services opportunities and mentorships.


North Carolina community college locks down as police chase felon with body armor near campus

Southwestern Community College in Sylva, North Carolina, advised faculty to secure students and lock doors due to police activity near its Jackson campus.

US report denies Afghan President Ghani left with millions when Taliban took over Kabul

According to a new inspector general report, evidence suggests former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani did not take $169 million when he left the country.


Monday, June 6, 2022

Elon Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal

Elon Musk issued his most direct threat yet to walk away from his purchase of Twitter on Monday, openly accusing the social media company of breaching the merger agreement by not providing the data he has requested on spam and fake accounts.


Why India is in damage-control mode with Arab nations


Elon Musk pulls back on Tesla's job cuts plan — sort of

Tesla may not be cutting staff after all.


California security surveillance company curbs crime through AI, real-time human intervention, CEO says

California-based Deep Sentinel uses AI technology in smart cameras and real-time human intervention to stop potential criminals before they commit a crime.

NC Black student group points to Uvalde massacre in advocating against school resource officers

A Black student group in North Carolina is arguing that school resource officers are harmful for students of color in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

West Virginia governor requests disaster declaration amid large-scale flooding

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice asked the president to approve a disaster declaration for the state. Flooding last month took a financial toll on residents.

New Jersey man dies attempting to summit Alaska’s Denali

Fernando Birman, 48, of Stockton, New Jersey, collapsed and died Friday while climbing to the peak of Alaska's 20,310-foot Denali mountain, the National Park Service said.

Drug overdose deaths up again in Virginia in 2021, fentanyl the leading cause

Drug overdoses in Virginia saw an overall uptick in 2021, with fentanyl contributing to the highest number of deaths in the state amid the nationwide opioid crisis.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Missouri firefighters rescue 7 people trapped up to 40 feet in air on carnival ride

Firefighters in Kirkwood, Missouri, rescued seven passengers who were trapped on a carnival ride during a fundraising event for a local Catholic church on Friday night.

Queen Elizabeth II makes surprise appearance on palace balcony to cap off jubilee

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II made a surprise appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace Sunday, as part of the final day of celebrations to mark her historic 70-year reign.


Chattanooga shooting leaves 3 dead and 14 injured, some struck by fleeing cars

A shooting in downtown Chattanooga has left three dead and 14 injured, with some of the injuries coming when bystanders were struck by the suspects fleeing vehicle.

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy insists Biden not get involved with bipartisan gun negotiations

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy insisted that Democrats and Republicans negotiate without President Biden to find how Congress can reach a compromise on gun reform legislation.


Rafael Nadal wins record-extending 14th French Open title with straight-sets victory against Casper Ruud

Rafael Nadal claimed a record-extending 14th title at the French Open as he defeated Norwegian Casper Ruud 6-3 6-3 6-0.


Tropical Storm Alex heads toward Bermuda with high winds

Tropical Storm Alex moved toward Bermuda Sunday, prompting tropical storm warnings in the area after passing Florida as the first Atlantic hurricane of the season.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Uvalde school board declines to punish police chief who failed to confront Robb Elementary gunman

Members of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) board took no action against school police chief Pete Arredondo following May's mass shooting.

Amid gun control debate, American minorities discuss uptick in firearm purchases: 'People are waking up'

Firearm purchases by minority groups in America have soared over the past few years and their support for the Second Amendment is seemingly as strong as ever.


Texas teens arrested after TikTok challenge calls for them to kick doors, run away

Three unidentified teens were arrested and charged in Texas early Friday morning after following a TikTok trend and kicking doors and running away while playing lyrics from a song.

Texas Dem Rep. Cuellar increases lead against Justice Democrat-backed candidate who may seek recount

Rep. Henry Cuellar says his lead has expanded in his battle with Jessica Cisneros for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Texas. Cuellar says the margin is at 281 votes.


Desert Crown wins 243rd Epsom Derby as Princess Anne steps in for the Queen

Desert Crown won the 243rd Epsom Derby on Saturday as Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, stepped in for Queen Elizabeth II.


Death of Grand Canyon hiker: Canadian passes away on Bright Angel Trail

A woman from Canada died Thursday while hiking along the Bright Angel Trail in Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park. The National Park Service is investigating.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Delaware governor, state Democrats unveil slew of gun control bills

Delaware Gov. John Carney and state Democrats on Thursday unveiled a number of sweeping gun control measures in the wake of recent shootings across the country, aiming to pass them by the end of the month before the legislature adjourns.


The Wild West had stricter gun laws than some states today. Here's the backstory

Despite recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Tulsa, Americans are pessimistic that new gun safety laws will pass Congress because of partisan polarization. But even in the mythical gun-loving wild west, sheriffs wouldn't allow guns into town. David Yamane, a gun-owning sociologist, discusses with Reality Check's John Avlon the disconnect between gun mythology in America and its gun culture today.


Florida tropical storm: System to bring heavy rain, flooding

A disturbance moving toward Florida on Friday is expected to become a tropical storm on Friday. The National Hurricane Center said the system was north of Mexico.

Biden has 'no direct plans at the moment' to travel to Saudi Arabia

President Biden on Friday said he has “no direct plans at the moment” to travel to Saudi Arabia, despite reports to the contrary


DOJ indicts former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress

Peter Navarro was indicted by the Department of Justice after refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 committee.


Grand jury indicts former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress

A federal grand jury has indicted former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress after he refused to cooperate in the House January 6 committee's investigation.


Why Turkey changed its name: populism, polls and a bird


Tesla reportedly hired a PR firm to monitor employees on Facebook

Tesla reportedly paid a consultancy firm to monitor employees' Facebook interactions when some workers wanted to form a union at the company's factory in Fremont, California.


US defense chief to meet Chinese counterpart for first time

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is set to meet his Chinese counterpart for the first time during a trip to Singapore for a major defense summit next week, a senior defense official said Friday.


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Republicans and Democrats claim victory as congressional redistricting battle nears end

Republicans and Democrats both claim victory as the once-in-a-decade congressional redistricting battle nears an end.


JPMorgan Chase CEO warns of an economic 'hurricane'

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, spoke at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference about economic headwinds. CNN's Christine Romans unpacks his comments.


Tulsa hospital shooting victims identified, one was gunman's surgeon, police say

The Tulsa gunman recently underwent surgery with one of the victims, a doctor at the hospital, whom police say he blamed for continued pain.

Boston subway collision: Green Line crash leaves 4 workers injured

A Boston subway collision near Government Center Station on Thursday morning injured four MBTA train operators and caused two Green Line trains to derail.

Seattle to cancel, refund 7 months of parking tickets due to oversight

The city of Seattle will void or refund seven months of non-moving parking tickets after learning that the authority of parking officers had lapsed during this time.

Sandmann lawyer joins Rittenhouse team, says Zuckerberg a 'top' target of numerous 'solid' lawsuits

Kyle Rittenhouse hired a legal team to explore potential defamation lawsuits for comments against him, which may result in at least 10 cases, according to his lawyer.

California homeless man charged with arson in 10 separate forest fires in Sonoma County

A California transient allegedly spotted at the scenes of two brush fires and arrested for attempting to burglarize a home is charged with 10 counts of arson.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Texas House could double number of GOP women in November: ‘We’re sick of having the left speak for us’

Texas House GOP candidate Ellen Troxclair tells Fox she decided to re-enter politics after feeling "continually frustrated with the direction of our country."


Haley calls for UN Human Rights chief to be fired after 'Chinese propaganda tour' to Xinjiang

Nikki Haley on Wednesday called for the United Nations to fire its human rights chief after a controversial trip to Xinjiang, which Haley dubbed a “Chinese propaganda tour."


Attempted Reagan assassin John Hinckley to get unconditional release, judge confirms

The would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley, will receive an unconditional release from prison, a federal judge has confirmed.


First-grade teacher goes viral for items she bought in the event of an active shooting

After the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, first-grade teacher Kelsey Vidal posted a series of TikToks hoping to inspire safety ideas for others.


Upstate New York teachers placed on leave after students discover 'racist and demeaning' texts

Several public teachers in Rochester, New York, were placed on leave after sending “racist and demeaning” texts to each other about students and their families.

Ohio Senate showdown: Republican JD Vance has slight edge over Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan

Republican JD Vance holds a slight edge over Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan in Ohio's crucial open Senate seat general election race, according to a new poll.


Utah construction worker rescued after being fully buried at site, fire officials say

A Utah construction worker was rescued after being "completely buried" in an apparent accident on Monday evening, authorities sai...